Necklace with Carved Gem


.. fresh, extravagant and romantic combinations of strung gem stones and carved pendants form captivating and harmonious compositions of colour ..

Rings with Coloured Gemstones


.. like a peek into a chocolate box - one sumptuous temptation next to the other ..

Ear Jewellery


.. a pinch of "Frida Kahlo" and a generous shot of "Alice in Wonderland": Earrings from white jade, coral and handpicked coloured gems enthrall ..



.. enchanted, rose-entwined, secluded doors let one enter colourful stories of life. They hide a secret wish, Granny's favourite cake recipe, a broken heart, a special period in one's life ..

Sailor's Yarn Brooches


.. each brooch tells a short story, a delightful memory or fragments of one's own fairy tale.  A silver frame with wallpaper from the doll's house era provides a home ..


"Every Gem Tells a Story"

Origami Boats


.. a small boat folded from silver; it rekindles childhood memories and is rich in symbolism for wanderlust, adventure and the safe return to one's home port ..


Unicorn Jewellery


"It has a milky-white coat and a milky-white horn ... and bathes at sunrise to the sound of drums"


.. a little fairy tale here & some enchantment there sweeten everyday life ..


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